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    Although I have only just started my sessions with Catherine, she has been lovely and welcoming and uses a person-centered approach rather than a guideline approach most therapists use!

    I hope to keep working with Catherine as she’s very empathetic and tries to put herself in your shoes, not just see it from an outsider’s view. This helps me feel more comfortable and relaxed when talking to her!

    Sascha Smith-All


    “I went to peace and serenity person centred counselling services with a heap of problems. I had major anxiety couldn’t sleep and had nowhere else to go. I contacted this counselling service and found Catherine to be caring and understanding. I started my online counselling a few months ago but the improvement is amazing, With Catherine’s patience and my persistence I am now sleeping much better im calmer within and starting to come out of my shell a bit. Catherine held my hand through the whole process I would highly recommend Peace and serenity counselling service to anyone who needs someone to listen to them. I’m healing each week through regular phone therapy with this Professional highly empathic and wonderful Counsellor. Remember she is only a phone call away It is true A problem shared is a problem halved. Worth a 5-star rating any day.”



    “At the beginning of the year, I felt so low I decided to book the special of 10 counselling sessions im so much more healed and ready to move on in my life. The packages are superb as u end up getting a one-hour free session to thank u so much”

    Stacey Fitzgerald Liverpool


    “Amazing counselling I was so nervous but my counsellor put me at ease thank you I’m looking forward to next week’s session”

    Melanie. uk


    “Great counselling service. Really helped me to work through alot of my problems, was very supportive and easy to talk. Was very person centred and and a great bespoke service I would 100% recommend to anyone out there.”

    Nikki Tedford


    “I’ve had about 6 sessions with catherine and she has helped me lots already. She is very kind and helpful, a really great first experience of having a counsellor!”

    India-Rose, 5 stars


    “Catherine is great at helping me with my anxiety problems that I’ve had for a few months now. Even after our first session, I felt slightly better and had better control over my anxiety.”



    “Catherine is a very helpful and lovely person! They have been helping me a lot with my problems, and I would definitely recommend them.”

    J.E, 5 stars


    “She is a fantastic listener and offers brilliant advice”

    T.H, 4 stars


    “Catherine is a great therapist and very supportive. She has made the transition to seeking therapy effortless.”

    N.I, 4 stars


    “Absolutely wonderful. Really listens and gives good input on everything”

    S.A, 5 stars


    “First class. Really listens and understands. Great experience and a wonderful manner.”

    R.O, 5 stars


    “Very useful counselling, very knowledgeable and very friendly . Would recommend to anyone suffering anxiety family conflict or addiction.”

    M.I, 5 stars


    “Catherine made me feel completely valid in my emotions and listened to me well. We talked through everything which allowed me to better understand myself. The worksheets each week were also very useful, covered a variety of topics and helped a lot with self reflection. She made me feel very comfortable which I think can be hard over videocall, so I was grateful for how quickly I felt I could open up.”

    H.E, 5 stars


    “I have been working with Catherine for just a few sessions and I’ve found our sessions very helpful. Catherine soon got to know me and was able to guide me with gentle questions to help me find my way and work some things out. The online therapy I’ve found very accessible and I really took to journally in between sessions and again Catherine was always quick to respond and understand.”

    F.R, 5 stars


    “I signed up to BetterHelp after waiting for months for local therapists to see me. I was assigned a therapist in less than a day. Compared to my local options, this is incredibly fast, and rather impressive. It’s also relatively affordable, and I appreciate the financial support given to those on a lower wage. The availability of therapists allows for my therapy times to match my needs and schedules very easily, and the timely responses to text messages is highly appreciated.”

    E.M, 5 stars


    “Catherine has been attentive, empathetic and intuitive. I am still in the early days of working through some of my underlying issues but she has been very supportive so far and I would recommend her strongly to anyone that needs support or someone to work through their issues with. Catherine is a wonderful support and goes above and beyond to help.”

    T.A, 4 stars


    “Lovely person and very helpful.”

    S.I, 5 stars


    “Each session I have had with Catherine has been incredibly insightful, with multiple “aha” moments! I initially reached out looking for answers relating to a repeating pattern in my romantic relationships/break-ups, which I just could not figure out on my own. Catherine helped me realise what was driving these patterns and I finally got my answers, which felt like such a weight lifted off my shoulders. She is also very easy to talk to and often just “gets it”, especially when I’m struggling to find the right words and she knows exactly what I’m trying to say. Would highly recommend Catherine to anyone wanting to grow or improve themselves but don’t know how!”

    V.A, 5 stars


    “Catherine has been helpful in unravelling a slew of issues which are contributing to an uncharacteristic anxiety manifesting in my significant relationship. I am enjoying the process of resetting my mindset.”

    C.A, 5 stars


    “Catherine is great at helping me with my anxiety problems that I’ve had for a few months now. Even after our first session, I felt slightly better and had better control over my anxiety.”

    M.O, 5 stars